Siqura Device Manager v1.x Future

With the introduction of the SDM2 Device Manager tool, what will happen to the Siqura Device Manager v1.x tool?

The Siqura Device Manager v1.x is still available for download via our web site, and sits next to the SDM2 Device Manager download link, via .

The Siqura Device Manager v1.x download link's entry is now renamed to SDM v1.x to better reflect the difference with the SDM2 tool.

The Siqura Device Manager v1.x tool will remain available until we feel that it will no longer be necessary. There is no currently set EOL date for this. We do however advise to switch over to using the SDM2 tool, since we will support, maintain, and further extend the SDM2 tool's functionality actively.


So both tools exist at the moment. Why? This is because the new SDM2 tool no longer supports older protocols that are needed to drive older generation (and already deprecated) products. These include:

- 10/20/30/40-series video encoders and decoders. These devices require the proprietary MX/IP protocol, which is no longer available in the SDM2 tool.

- BC/FD/CD-62/64 series cameras. These devices require another proprietary protocol, which is no longer available in the SDM2 tool.


In principle, we will no longer maintain the Siqura Device Manager v1.x tool, instead put our efforts into the further development of the SDM2 Device Manager tool. But we do not want to frustrate your business by this principal decision. Should you encounter a special difficulty with the SDM v1.x tool, that cannot currently be addressed with the SDM2 tool, please let us know via email to and we can then decide what to do about it.


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