SDM2 Device Manager Document Files

SDM2 Device Manager allows you to write the current device list to a file.

Currently, two file formats are supported:

- XML (this is the default format)


Both formats are plain text format, and you can open these files in your favorite text editor.


For the XML file, you always need to comply to the XML syntax and available tags (they are case sensitive).

Every device is written to the XML file in the following format (example):

      <Name>Siqura 820-series</Name>
      <ProductType>network camera</ProductType>

The bold part is mandatory, the rest is optional and uses following defaults:


The <Status> field is only written to file, and never read back. It is for documentation purposes only.


For the CSV file, the same information is stored in the CSV file format. The separator character used is the semicolon character (';'). The first line is the column header, the other lines each contain a device information, with following columns:


Only the IPAddress column is mandatory; the other columns are optional and use the same defaults as mentioned for the XML file format.

Again, the Status is only written, and never read back.


If you wish to manually edit your device list, this allows you to

- at once change the HTTP port from 80 to for instance 8080.

- at once set the password for all devices to the correct specific password.

These are two examples for the practical purpose of knowing how the device list file is built up.


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