How to find the XSNET switch in the network

Apply to: XSNet 1800 and 2800 switch

The XSNET switch turned obsolete several years ago. Since it's a good product, many are still around. The software tool developed to find and to configure the XSNET is MXConfig. This became obsolete as well.

Actual software packages like Siqura Device Probe or Siqura Device Manager will find and list all Siqura cameras and codecs except the XSNET devices. The alternative software tools are:

a) MXconfig, but this is obsolete. When you still have it including a valid license, you can find and configure the XSNET switches.

b) WireShark to find the IP-address. Use your web browser and the IP-address to open the webpage of the XSNET.

c) Factory default. First set the XSNET to factory default and use the original IP-address (written on sticker) to get access again to the webpage and configure the XSNET. For setting the XSNET to factory default, you need open the housing and short cut the jumper pins (X402) on the PCB. Close the housing and power up the XSNET switch. Leaf it powered for one minute before disconnecting. Open the housing once more to remove the short cut on jumper pins (X402). Close the housing and before powering up, write down the IP number of the tag on the housing.

Use the IP number as the web page address in your web browser to open the web page of the XSNET. (Make sure that the network port of your pc is in the same IP range as the XSNET) To access the web pages you need to login with username: admin. No password needed (remains blank). Be aware that also the firmware is set to the default firmware. If needed, upgrade firmware to the desired firmware.




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