Installing SNMPlugin for MX on Windows 7, Windows2008 and onwards


There are operating systems where the SNMPlugin[date].exe update utility fails to complete.
This FAQ explains how to manually extract the files needed for MX, and where to copy them.
The SNMPlugin also carries files for the SNM tooling, and is not included in this instruction.

Extract the files

Please rename SNMPlugin[date].exe to SNMPlugin[date].zip and unzip the file.

Find the destination

With a standard installation, the files reside in C:\Program Files\MX\ or for 64-bit systems in C:\Program Files (x86)\MX\. This is the target directory.

If the files are not there you can use regedit to find the target directory via the registry. Please search for “\MX\EMX\v2\”. The key “Root” contains the target directory.

Go to the target directory. Verify that you see the folders “Icons” and “Plugin”.

Copy the files to the target directory

Before copying anything, make sure no MX applications are running.

From the unzipped file, go to “install-mx” and copy the “plugin” and “icons” directories to the target directory you have opened in the previous step.

Windows will ask what to do, please choose the appropriate options to copy the files over the existing files, replacing them.

You have now finished the manual SNMPlugin update for MX.

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