Codec “hard factory default” reset procedure

Apply to: C-10/15/20/23, C-40, C/S-44, C-50, C/S-54, C/S-60, C/S-620E and A80

When something happens whereby the codec has to be reached but is not reachable anymore because of the ip-address is unknown (administrator has left the company for example) it can be necessary to do a Hard Factory Default reset procedure.

This manual describes the procedure for many (not all) of the codecs which are built by Siqura.

Be aware of the fact when using this procedure, all your settings will be lost including the firmware.

After this procedure the module is back on its Factory Default Firmware and settings, so you’ll need to do a firmware upgrade to the desired firmware version and reconfigure it.

Follow this procedure tight and step by step.

1. Remove the codec of the rack and be sure the surroundings of your workspace is clean.

2. Use ESD equipment to avoid damage of components caused by static electricity.

3. Search for the factory sticker on the module and write down the IP-address which is called on the sticker.


4. Remove the 2 bigger screws on the front panel of the module to get rid of its housing and slide the mainboard out of the housing



5. Look in the neighborhood of the big white connector at the end of the mainboard for a jumper block which has a light green socket which is not always equipped with a jumper.


6. If there is a jumper present it has the status “Open” by default

7. Set the jumper in status “closed”, or place a jumper if there was no jumper present

8. Slide the module back in its housing (without the screws) and put the module in a Rack (MC10 or MC11). Power it on and wait until the module has booted completely and wait for approx. 30 seconds.

9. Turn off the power again, remove module out of the rack and slide the module out of its housing again.

10. Put the jumper back to its original position which is “Open” or remove the jumper you placed in step 7

11. Put the module back in its housing and close it with the screws you removed in step 4

12. Place the module back in the rack and power it on. You should reach the module on its Factory default ip-address, found on the Factory sticker and written down in step 3



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