Activation Wiper/ Washer and Window cleaning cycle on SA / EX PTZ and SA / EX Fixed cameras.


Apply to: PTZ camera: SA-BC820H1, SA-BC820H1-TC620D and EX-BC820H1, EX-BC820H1-TC620D

               Fixed camera: SA-BC820H1 F WW and EX-BC820H1 F WW


Preset 88,  Wiper is activated for a short time

Preset 89,  Washer (pump control 24Vac) is activated for a short time.

Preset 200 Front window cleaning cycle:

PTZ camera, head is moving to the window cleaning position, washer and wiper are activated  for a short time, head is moving back to his original position.

Fixed camera, washer and wiper are activated for a short time.


(Only first time)

Open device webpage and go to “Pan Tilt”


Go to “preset” and save preset 200 on random position (only for the first time)


Go to preset 200 to activate the “Front window cleaning cycle”.

This is for preset 88 and 89 the same procedure



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