Genetec: Adding camera/encoder like you did in prior versions

Goal: adding cameras/encoders as you did in prior versions of

Genetec Security Center 5, service release 3


To do so, the Value of Refuse Basic Authentication, should be changed from 1 -> 0



  • In Configuration tool, open Video Task
  • Select desired Archiver, Resources tab
  • Click button Advanced settings
  • In Advanced settings dialog, click button Additional settings

  • Click on the RefuseBasicAuthentication Value cell and

                                                   change the Value from 1 -> 0

  • Click button Close
  • Back in the Advance settings dialog, click button OK.
  • Back in the Archive Resources tab, click Apply. Click Yes on the confirmation dialog.
  • Allow the Archiver some time, a warning may show but this will disappear.


You can now add the camera as you did in prior versions of Genetec


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