ANPR / LPR : how to export a list with License Plates from VDG Sense?

When VDG Sense has the additional license CarR, the license plates will be read and stored in the data base.
The license plates will be stored in the data base as long as there is video storage on the hard disk for the video channel with CarR.
When old(er) video storage is deleted, the coresponding events for that old(er) video will be removed form the database as well.

Saving (before deleting) the license plates with date and time is possible.

In your web browser type:


This command will create a CSV file that will be stored in the default download folder of your web browser.

The CSV file will show all license plates of the recorded video.

If you want the list with license plates between certain dates and times, type the following command in your browser:

http://<ip-address>/command?command=exportevents&types=carrlicenseplatefound&starttime=2015-07-20 15:00:00&endtime=2015-07-20 16:00:00


 Used abbreviations:

  • CarR: additional option of VDG Sense for License Plates
  • ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • LPR: License Plate Reader
  • ALPR: Automatic License Plate Reader


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