Ethernet (IP) over Coax, 2 solutions to select from

Having the opportunity to run ethernet over existing coax networks, Siqura saves you time and saves you money. Connecting IP equipment on each side of the coax cable, you can use:

  • or a pair of XSNet 3100EoC 
    12 VDC Mediaconverter Coax-UTP 

  • or a pair of MT03 EoC-6, a 19"rack version of 6x the XSNet 3100EoC

  • or a pair of XSNet ECO-Plug (s)
    SFP-modules with Coax interface
    These can be used in Siqura cameras with SFP-slot and
    in switches with SFP-slots running at 100 Mb/s

The types of transmission of the 3100EoC and of the ECO-Plug are different
and cann't be combined.
However a pair of ECO-Plugs can be combined with XSNet 3300MC, a 12 VDC mediaconverter with UTP-port and SFP-slot for the ECO-Plug.


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