ECO-Plug compatible with Comnet media converter FE2MC ( Bosch )

The goal of the development of the ECO-Plug is to save time and costs replacing an existing coax network.
With the ECO-plug you can run IP over coax. The ECO-plug fits in a SFP-slot at 100 Mb/s. Most of the Siqura cameras can be ordered with a already integrated SFP-slot.

The ECO-plug is compatible with and can be used in combination with Comnet media converter FE2MC (common used in Bosch cameras)

At the other side of the coax cable, you connect also an ECO-plug. This ECO-plug fits in a SFP slot (100Mb/s) of a switch or media concerter. The Siqura XSNet series has switches and media converters suiting the ECO-plug perfectly.

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