TrafficPTZ Ultimo Washer position


This memo helps the TrafficPTZ Ultimo installer to configure the washing position for the housing.
Starting from the default settings, follow these steps:

1. Go to the camera web pages
2. Go to the Camera > PTZ Presets tabsheet on the left
3. Erase all presets
4. Go to the live stream
5. Move the housing so that the window is facing the washer nozzle correctly
6. Press the Star icon (i.e. define preset) four times; you’ll have PTZ preset #1 thru #4
7. Go to the Camera > PTZ Presets tabsheet on the left
8. Delete preset PTZ preset #1 thru #3; only PTZ preset #4 is kept
9. Rename PTZ preset #4 to Washer position
10. Go back to the live stream
11. Move away to a different viewing direction
12. Test by clicking on the washer icon; the housing should temporarily more to the washer position, then after washing is complete, move back to the original position.

Background information:
By factory default, the housing does not define the washer position yet. The washer position is preset number 4. The easiest way to define this preset is by following the above steps.

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