How do I add the 1000/1100-series to VDG Sense?

Compatibility with VDG Sense

The Siqura 1000-1100 series camera's are compatible with VDG Sense. We have tested this on Sense version 2.4.14. VDG has added a dedicated driver for the 1000/1100-series camera line.

The 1000/1100-series cameras are listed on the VDG Sense public web page since August, 2016.


How to add the camera to VDG Sense

Use the dedicated 1000/1100-series camera driver.

As a best practice, first select the driver you want to use, then enter the rest of the camera details (IP address, credentials, e.a.). This will prevent you from having to enter the same information twice, since selecting the driver might erase some of the other input fields.


Important notes to consider:


1. Multicast video

Applies to 1000-series and 1100-series models.

If you are using multicast video, do make sure that you set the multicast address in the camera's web page prior to use the multicast video in VDG Sense. You will find this setting in tabsheet Network > TCP/IP > Multicast Address.

By factory default, this field is empty and you can't use multicast video then. Additionally, we have seen possible instabilities in the camera with previous firmware/Sense versions, in which the camera occasionally reboots. This only happens when VDG Sense is configured to use multicast video from the camera and the camera does not have its multicast address configured.

Addendum as per October 24, 2016: this is a known issue in VDG Sense that might actually appear in all RTSP based video connections. Fix is planned for version 2.4.20, on December 5, 2016.


2. Dual streaming

Applies to 1000-series and 1100-series models.

Cosmetics on VDG Sense might cause confusion for dual stream configuration when using the 1000/1100-series driver. Here is an example illustrating dual streaming use:

First, in the General tabsheet of the device's page, configure Streaming Profile "subStream":

Next, in the Advanced tabsheet of the device page, configure dual stream, and set the second stream profile to "mainStream":

Configure the first stream for recording and the second stream for viewing.

In the camera web page, tabsheet Video/Audio > Streaming, configure the Main Stream for viewing (for instance 25fps 1080p) and the Sub Stream for recording (for instance 12fps 4CIF).

Using this scenario, you can configure the system for full frame rate live viewing at the desired video resolution, while recording video from the same camera in a more storage friendly manner.


3. Frame rate control

Applies to 1000-series and 1100-series models.

When reconfiguring the frame rate for the video stream, you might have to reboot the camera first, before the frame rate can be configured.


4. Camera time

Applies to 1000-series and 1100-series models.

RTCP currently does not include NTP timestamps. This will be included in a (near) future firmware update.


5. Video tampering

Applies to 1000-series models.

Video tampering is not working in VDG Sense for the 1000-series cameras.


6. Intrusion detection and Line crossing detection

Applies to 1000-series and 1100-series models.

Intrusion detection events and Line crossing detection events do not work in VDG Sense.


7. Audio exception detection

Applies to 1100-series models.

Audio exception detection events do not work in VDG Sense.


8. Advanced video analytics

Applies to 1100-series models.

Defocus detection events, Scene change detection events, Face detection events, Region entrance detection events, Region exiting detection events, Unattended baggage detection events, Object removal detection events, and Counting events, do not work in VDG Sense.


9. Manual IR lamp control

Applies to 1000-series and 1100-series models.

It is currently not possible to manually control the IR lamp for those models featuring the IR function.


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