How do I add the 1000/1100-series to Milestone XProtect?

Compatibility with Milestone

The Siqura 1000-1100 series camera's are compatible with Milestone XProtect. We have tested this on Milestone XProtect Corporate 2014 and Milestone XProtect Enterprise 2014, Device Packs 8.5. 

Certification testing for the Milestone supported hardware list is currently in progress. The 1100-series is already listing on the Milestone web site, while the 1000-series testing is still underway.


How to add the camera to Milestone

Use the ONVIF Conformant Device (1-channel) driver.


Important notes to consider:


1. Multicast video

Applies to 1000-series and 1100-series models.

If you are using multicast video, do make sure that you set the multicast address in the camera's web page prior to use the multicast video in Milestone. You will find this setting in tabsheet Network > TCP/IP > Multicast Address.

By factory default, this field is empty and you can't use multicast video then. 


2. Audio output (Speaker function)

Applies to 1100-series models.

The Speaker function does not work in Milestone.


3. Frame rates

Applies to 1000-series and 1100-series models.

The list of available frame rates as presented/selectable by Milestone might contain frame rates that are not feasible for the camera. This includes frame rates below 1fps and some higher (i.e. >30fps) frame rates.

When reconfiguring the frame rate for the video stream, you might have to reboot the camera first, before the frame rate can be configured.


3. Intrusion detection and Line crossing detection

Applies to 1000-series and 1100-series models.

Intrusion detection events and Line crossing detection events do not work in Milestone.


4. Audio exception detection

Applies to 1100-series models.

Audio exception detection events do not work in Milestone.


5. Advanced video analytics

Applies to 1100-series models.

Defocus detection events, Scene change detection events, Face detection events, Region entrance detection events, Region exiting detection events, Unattended baggage detection events, Object removal detection events, and Counting events, do not work in Milestone.


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